you have a story to tell

I’m here to spin it with sweetly strategic copy

Let’s start with you

You’re an entrepreneurial trailblazer working hard to build a strapping empire. The fearless hero of your quest with vast knowledge in your field.

You’ve invested late nights, Sunday mornings, and triple espressos to bring your vision to life.

There’s just one problem: You don’t have time to do it all.

You know the value of strategic storytelling, but writing isn’t your thing. You have a thing. Word sorcery just isn’t it. The blinking cursor alone is enough to levitate the TV remote and send you back to procrastination land.

Besides, your business already occupies the space around the clock. And you have a list of projects you really enjoy.

But you also know copywriting is the key to conversion, ushering in the coveted “sold out” and “fully booked” stages of business.

Maybe you’ve tried writing your own copy but felt too close to your business to articulate your unique offerings. Or maybe you’ve worked with a copywriter before but the words didn’t fit quite right.

Fate (or Google) led you here because you’re ready to invest in words that move your business forward and sound like you, without investing more valuable time.

You need a PICC (partner in content crime) to help navigate the sloughs of lousy language and scale your business to the top.

I can help.

Hi, I’m Erika and writing is my thing.

A yoga-loving advocate for stretchy pants, you can find me behind the scenes, scribing lively stories for my entrepreneurial counterparts. Your dreams empower me to live mine.

But I didn’t just waltz into my dream job. I earned my B.A. in English, packed up my dorm room, and headed off to Corporate America for nearly a decade, where I learned about things like creative briefs, org charts, and what it really means when someone ends an email with a period. From windowless cubicle to noisy open office space, my creative heart wasn’t all in.

Determined to make my writerly dreams a reality, I invested countless evenings and weekends pouring my heart into client projects and side hustle affairs.

I now spend my days helping small businesses and entrepreneurs battle digital distractions and corporate conglomerations with intentional storytelling that connects people organically. Matcha in one hand, freshly sharpened pencil in the other. Let’s do this.

Two ways to work together

You’re in launch mode and need…

Website copy that instantly charms your target audience, nurtures loyalty, and turns browsers into buyers.

You’re in growth mode and need…

Content writing that positions you as an authority and builds magnetic brand recognition across digital touchpoints.

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