Website Copywriting for The Ballroom Course with Erica Marr


Gearing up to launch an all-new online dance course unlike any other, Travis and Erica Marr needed stand-out copy for the course website. In one day, we worked together to bring their bold vision to life with conversion-optimized website and lead magnet copy to boot. The result? Seven-hundred opt-ins (and counting) within the first few weeks of launch.

Deliverables included a copywriting day rate resulting in four pages of website copy.

Website copywriter for course creators

In their words: “Erika was an absolute delight to work with and really brought our vision to life for the launch of our new business. We have a ton of passion and expertise for our products and services but struggled to craft a captivating story geared toward our target customers. Erika was extremely organized, quickly dove in to understand our business, and brought a ton of clarity and boldness to our brand—all in just one day. The feedback from customers has been extremely positive—with a high conversion rate and over 700 opt-ins in just the first few weeks. We are very picky about who we bring in to help us with projects, and we are very proud of the results with this one. We’ll definitely work with Erika again soon!”

Website Copywriting for Interior Designer, Hollis Rendleman Interiors


Hollis reached out to book a full day of copywriting to prep for the launch of her new interior design business (talk about a dream project, right?). What started as one day quickly turned into a four-week copywriting extravaganza. During our collaboration, we developed a comprehensive website strategy, a full suite of custom website copy, and a long-form sales page to pre-sale Hollis’s interior design course.

Deliverables for Hollis included a copywriting day rate turned whole enchilada: brand messaging strategy, SEO keyword research, website copywriting, and a long-form sales page.

Website copywriter for interior designers

In Hollis’s words: “After spending months attempting to draft my own website copy, I finally took the plunge and reached out to Erika to hire her for a day. I thought it would be a great jumpstart to editing my dozens of pages and honing in on a consistent tone—and it was. After one full day of copywriting, I was blown away. Seriously, I was in tears reading what Erika wrote. It was better than I could’ve ever imagined—the language was TOTALLY on point, spoke to my ideal client, and upped my professionalism by leaps and bounds. I knew my website design was going to be beautiful, but Erika’s expert copywriting made me feel so much more legitimate. I ended up hiring her to write all of my website copy and course sales page, and it was worth every penny. To prove it, I booked three new clients and sold a workshop ticket to a total stranger within five days of soft launching my website. Erika is an incredibly gifted website copywriter, and a total asset to my business!”

Website Copywriting for Coaching Company, The Orange Principle


Jenna Renzo of The Orange Principle came to me with a business plan and a story to tell. Together, we created an original brand story that speaks to her ideal clients. Then we wrapped it all up in conversion-ready and search-optimized website copy. BOOM.

Deliverables for Jenna included brand messaging strategy, an oh-so-professional bio, and custom website copywriting.

Website copywriter for coaches

In Jenna’s words: “Hiring Erika was the absolute best decision for my business. After weeks of struggling to write my own website copy, it was such a relief to put my project into her capable hands. I was able to focus on other aspects of my business while she worked her magic. She hit the ball out of the park on the first draft—all while making the entire experience seamless and fun. Erika is a talented businesswoman with an amazing gift for writing content that captures your vision and voice. Working with her exceeded any and all expectations from beginning to end. I’ll forever sing her praises—and I know I’ll be working with her again.”

Website Copywriting for Wedding Planner, Jenna Tracy Events


Prepping to launch a new brand and website for her wedding design and coordination business, Jenna Tracy wanted copy to compliment her professional branding and express her expertise. We brought her personality and skills to life with a well-tailored messaging strategy and swoon-worthy website copy.

Deliverables for Jenna included a full suite of custom copywriting: brand messaging strategy, client profiles, custom website copy, pricing guides, and testimonial touch-ups.

Website copywriter for wedding and event planners

In Jenna’s words: “I was preparing to launch my new website and had invested in professional branding, so it was super important that the visual elements and messaging matched. I knew hiring a copywriter was essential— and Erika absolutely NAILED IT! When she presented my copy, it was clear she went above and beyond to understand my personality, business, and clients. Erika skillfully created a brand voice that feels 100% true to me AND speaks perfectly to my ideal clients. I launched my new website with complete confidence knowing that it tells the exact story I envisioned. Within a few days of launching, I received a new lead who said I have ‘exactly what she’s looking for.’ What can I say? Working with Erika was one of the best decisions I made for my business! She’s thorough, patient, helpful, responsive, so much fun to work with, and a wealth of knowledge. I can’t recommend Erika enough!”

Content Writing for The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon


When Julie’s team approached me about content writing for her top-ranking podcast, The Influencer Podcast, I was all in. An interviewer extraordinaire, Julie’s dreamy guest roster includes Marie Forleo, James Wedmore, Lo Bosworth, and Rachel Hollis … to name just a few. With nine months of collaboration under our belt, The Influencer Podcast landed on the Forbes list of must-download women-led podcasts.

Deliverables for Julie included intro scripts, show notes, promotional emails, and social media captions for podcast episodes 73–107.

Podcast writer and content strategist

Launch Copywriting for SaaS Startup, iKizmet


Gearing up to launch a sleek mobile app to their subscribers, I partnered with the team at iKizmet to get the word out. The results? The app was installed by over 40% of active subscribers in the first 24 hours of launch. The team was so stoked on the results, they brought me back to develop brand messaging guidelines and a 6-email welcome sequence for their desktop software subscribers.

Deliverables for iKizmet included landing page copy, launch email sequence, brand messaging guidelines, welcome email sequence.

Website copywriter for SaaS startups

Launch Copywriting for SaaS Company, MINDBODY


To bring dynamic pricing to the Mindbody app, I collaborated with stakeholders and the user experience team to translate complex technical capabilities into opt-in worthy marketing copy.

Deliverables for Mindbody included landing page copy, launch email copy, video script, blog content, and social media ad copy.

Marketing copywriter for SaaS companies

Some other brands and publications I’ve written for:


Freelance content writer for Hubspot

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Freelance copywriter for Samsung

Freelance marketing copywriter for Mindbody

Freelance writer for SaaS startups

Freelance writer in California