You have a wealth of knowledge, a loyal following, and an awesome digital product or program to share.


But the thought alone of sitting down to write things like conversion email sequences and sales pages gives you cold sweats.

Your to-do list is already bursting at the seams. Your Trello board has more cards than you can count. Your inbox is overflowing and you’ve completely lost track of when you last showered.

Hello messy bun, goodbye fitness routine.

Launching a new online offering is a busy, excitement-filled season of business. You’ve been working toward this moment for months, maybe even years. Yet, despite the late-night work sessions and Chipotle take-away runs, your pre-launch checklist only gets longer.


But what if you could…


→  Shed the stress and trust your launch copy to a specialist who knows which formulas sell and why

→  Expand your influence and make a bigger impact with precisely the right words to rake in readers (and dollars)

→  Create a seamless customer experience—in your authentic voice—from the first subject line to the final call to action

→  Stop scouring the internet for free “how to” guides, webinars, and cheat sheets and hand over the copy tasks to someone who’s already read all the books, blogs, and webinar logs

→  Serve more people who can truly benefit from what you have to offer by selling with sincerity and transparency

… all while staying in your own zone of genius, polishing your product to perfection?

Enter the Done-For-You Launch Copy Package:

A 4-week, 1-on-1 copywriting service designed to help you streamline your strategy and drive up sales on your next digital product launch.

What you get

Everything you need to launch your offer and turn more browsers into buyers.


brand story copywriting

Launch strategy

Includes a comprehensive brand clarity questionnaire followed by a 1-hour launch strategy call via Zoom where we hash out your goals

launch copy brand copywriting

Long-form sales page

How long should a sales page be? Well, it depends. But we’ll make sure yours falls appropriately between 2,500-5,000 words, plus written FAQs

website copywriting for creative entrepreneurs

Sales email sequence

Up to 10 sweetly strategic sales emails written in Google Docs and optimized for conversions, so all you gotta do is drip ‘em

conversion copywriting review

Live review session

One more hour for us to review your sales page and email sequence copy in Google Docs via Zoom

copy editing copywriting review

Complimentary revisions

After our review session, I’ll go through your copy with a fine-tooth comb to account for feedback and triple-check for typos

digital information product launch copywriting

Launch day ready

Your final documents delivered in a neatly packaged Google Drive folder, ready to run up those launch day sales

Popular add-ons and customizations include: additional sales emails, welcome emails, testimonial editing, digital ad copy, and video scripts

Take your digital product from unknown to sold out

With the Done-For-You Launch Copy package

Starting at $2,950 USD

This package is fully customizable to suit your product launch. Contact me for a custom proposal. 

What’s the word?

Here’s what others have said.


copywriting for entrepreneurs and startups video scripts website copy email sequence copywriting“Erika played a pivotal role in the launch content for my editorial startup. If you brief her, she’ll deliver above and beyond—raking in readers and conversions. Not once have I ever questioned her decision-making or approach to copywriting. She’s my go-to writer. And I’ve worked with dozens of writers over the years.” —Roman Garcia, Senior Marketing Strategist & Entrepreneur

copywriter testimonial video scripts


Erika was a dream to work with! I’ve already referred her to friends and colleagues looking for brand copywriting. She did an awesome job nailing the project on the first draft and I definitely plan to work with her again in the future.” —Tracy Frank, Creative Director, Frank Haus Design


“Erika has a gift for asking the right questions to get to the essence of what you want to convey in your copy. With clarity and warmth, she transformed the information I provided into a brand story that I felt confident sharing with my audience. Since working with Erika, I’ve discovered new opportunities and avenues to reach more people.” —Ruth Kent, Wellness Entrepreneur & Educator


So who’s this sales writer setting you up for launch?

I’m Erika, a conversion copywriter for coaches and creative people.

launch copywriter digital products online courses

After a decade in the corporate marketing seat, I took a risk for freedom. I put in my two weeks, launched this business, booked a one-way flight to travel around the world, and packed what I could into an 80-liter backpack. Now I run my business from anywhere with wi-fi. 

Leading up to my decision to ditch the 9 to5, I spent countless evenings scribing copy for creative entrepreneurs and startup creators. And I realized something: These creatives and creators were so busy in their own zones of genius, they didn’t have the time—or desire—to write the words that sell.

Nowadays I help creative entrepreneurs tell stories that sell with sincerity because I believe in the power of keeping it real in this noisy digital world.

As a conversion copywriter and brand storyteller, I’ve delivered results for clients including Samsung America, Mindbody, Julie Solomon, Laura Murray Photography, and Hathway Design Agency. My words have:

→ Helped an online educator book out her pilot coaching program

→ Resulted in more than 2,000 opt-ins to a new software product feature

→ Reached the inboxes of a client’s 30,000+ newsletter subscribers

→ Launched a PR strategy for a successful startup acquisition

→ Appeared in publications including HubSpot, The Write Life, and Mindbody

→ Set the tone for more than 65 website pages and 130+ marketing emails

When not nerding out on sales funnels and conversion rates, I’m most likely in close proximity to a yoga studio—almond milk matcha latte in one hand, passport in the other.


Still not sure if you need a conversion copywriter in your corner?


You’re still reading. So I bet there’s a good chance you know deep down your business will benefit from it.

What if you could spend MORE time developing your product and LESS time selling it? Could you double, triple, or even 10x your revenue?

By outsourcing your launch copywriting to someone who knows how to tap into the psychology of sales to increase clicks, conversions, and purchases you can stay focused on what matters most: bonding with your customers and developing a product that serves them well. 

Now, I’ll be honest. I’m not a marketing guru or magician. I can’t help you sell something your audience doesn’t need or want. But if you’ve done your homework and you know your market can truly benefit from what you have to offer,  then high-converting copy has the power to unlock your greatest earning potential.

I’ll channel your voice to connect with your target audience and influence them in a way that’s sincere, transparent, and ethical. No sleazy used car salesmen here.

With strong copywriting, you can enhance your customer experience and drive up your launch numbers—instantly and forever. How much is that worth to you?

Take your digital product from unknown to sold out

With the Done-For-You Launch Copy package

Starting at $2,950 USD

Brand clarity questionnaire and 1-hour launch strategy call

Comprehensive target audience research

Long-form sales page up to 5,000 words, plus written FAQs

Conversion sequence of up to 10 emails

Live review session and one round of revisions

Final documents folder and full copyrights

This package is fully customizable to suit your project. Contact me for a custom proposal.