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Your step-by-step guide to clarify your message, plan, and write your site in 21 days.

By Erika Fitzgerald

& Convert


...handing out pretty biz cards at every industry event, conference, and mastermind within a 500-mile radius.

You’d be wrong.

If you guessed...

...posting high-value content to every social media channel under the sun Monday through Sunday ‘til your thumbs go numb.

You’d be wrong.

If you guessed...

...investing in a 5-figure website design and an A-list photographer to make your business look as legit as the industry leaders you look up to.

You’d be wrong.

If you guessed...

...and one that leaves your confidence and bank account empty—while your would-be ideal clients shrug in confusion as they bounce over to your #1 competitor’s website?

What’s the difference between a business that attracts highly-profitable and feel-good attention, leads, and referrals...

Important question for online entrepreneurs & service providers who want to stop chasing leads and land clients the easy way:

...having a kick-ass PR strategy that gets you featured in go-to business publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur.

You’d still be wrong (kinda).

And if you guessed...

Think of it like this: content marketing greets people on the street and sparks conversations but your website is your real estate. If every other platform vanishes tomorrow, you can count on your website to keep your business going…

But only after you find the words to communicate your offer with clarity and J.Lo-during-halftime-level confidence.

Your website copy works.

And you don’t get recognized as an industry expert, revel in golden opportunities to change lives, and double down on your old 9–5 salary until...

Because, yes, these things *are* important... but every content marketing, networking, and publicity win leads back to your website. 

Often find yourself hunched over your laptop at 2 AM, filling your precious hard drive with all the free copywriting guides and workbooks you can get your hands on. 

Struggle to clearly define what you do, who you do it for, and why your offers are a cut above the rest. (“Wait, what’s a UVP again?”)

Play the type-delete type-delete game as you hack together your website words—flipping between the online homes of industry leaders you admire, trying to find the missing pieces in your own copy. 

Hesitate to hit “publish” on … well, anything, because *gasp* what if it doesn’t sound good?

Let me know if this rings true. You...

But right now, you feel more like an intern precariously balancing a full order of Starbucks in one hand and a stack of uncollated webinar notes in the other.

You *know* there are people who can benefit from your skills… you just don’t know how to write about your offer in a way that resonates (and makes money ‘cause passion alone doesn’t pay the bills).

After all, your college composition class didn’t cover “brand messaging” or “website copywriting.” So you’ve listened to all the business podcasts, stalked the FB groups, and collected a mountain of self-helpy business books…


And no matter how many pep talks you have with your coach/partner/biz BFF, your copy still feels stiffer than the pencil skirt you wore to your last office job interview. 

So you stress eat another bag of Cheetos, flick on the telly, and settle in for another afternoon in procrastination land… oy vey

Yet despite your stellar thesaurus skills (“Hey Google, what’s another word for ‘authentic?’”), that gut-wrenching feeling of imposter syndrome lingers. 

Sound all too familiar? Scroll on, m’friend.

*Cue the overwhelm*

Because without copy that pulls more “hell yeses”... are you even running a legit business? Or just playing dress-up with a pretty website?

Because if your website doesn’t sell, you’re leaving money on the table. 

But somewhere between high-tailing it out of your windowless cubicle and filing your DBA or LLC, your passion and purpose got muddled up with the reality of marketing your business.

As a small business owner (AKA party of one ☝️), you gotta create a lot of content to drive traffic to your website… and you gotta have good website copy to move the needle on your bottom line… and it’s all gotta be on-brand and relevant to your audience. 

(And hey, living that #laptoplifestyle doesn’t sound too shabby either.)

You bet on yourself because you saw an opportunity to ignite positive change in your industry.

You didn’t ditch your day job to become the next Oprah or Marie Forleo (although, that’d be nice)

Which is why I’m handing over my step-by-step brand messaging and website copywriting framework. So you can reap the rewards of effective messaging (without the hefty invoice). 

You can create a brand and business with clients who can't wait to pay for your expertise

Give your business an effervescent pop of personality that tingles the senses like a crisp ginger kombucha 

Hit “publish” knowing your words will twirl your favorite people right into your booking page

Wake up to an inbox filled with love notes and Stripe / Square / Dubsado / Honeybook payments 

Get so clear on your brand message, the only noise is the crystal clinking over your celebratory Michelin 3-star dinner 

Write website copy that really, truly sounds like you—and resonates with your audience, too 

Escort your ideal clients on a digital journey from “I need what?” to “holy guacamole, I need this NOW!”  

Imagine if you could...

Hold the phone on all that doubt for a sec and

Clarify your brand message, plan, and write your website in 21 days. All optimized for search engines and conversions. 

Craft & Convert is THE course for service-based entrepreneurs who want to quickly transform their online identity from “starving freelancer” to legit industry expert. 

When you enroll, you get instant access to the step-by-step framework I’ve honed over 10+ years writing result-driven copy for agency clients, global corporations, and dozens of private clients:

→ Laser-focus your brand voice, message, and offers 
→ Harness the power of copywriting to connect with your ideal clients 
→ Swipe proven formulas, templates, workbooks, and tutorials to master your website copy

...and a whole lot more.


By Erika Fitzgerald

& Convert


You new here? Awesome. And welcome. Let’s start with the basics: What exactly is copywriting and why is it so important for your business? How is website copywriting unique? What the heck is a CTA? A UVP? I’ll answer all these questions before you lay a finger on the keyboard. 






Get a crash course on the psychology of sales as it relates to copywriting. 

Know the most common copywriting mistakes people make—so you can avoid them!  

From micro copy to macro copy, get up to speed on the must-know copywriting terms, strategies, formulas, and secrets. 

Understand the difference of benefits versus features so you can paint your offer in the best light. 

Discover methods to identify your ideal client and fast-track your market research. 

of 4


If you can’t clearly explain who you are, what you do, who you do it for, why it matters, and how you’re different, you’re not ready to write your website… yet. You have something extraordinary to offer. We just need to get it down on paper (or a blank Google Doc—don’t worry, you’ll get a fresh template for that).  





Write and refine your elevator pitch so that you’re primed to impress anyone, anytime. 

Wrap up all this good stuff in your brand messaging guidelines: a go-to doc to guide your biz communications and keep your brand voice consistent. 

Nail down your mission statement and vision statement. Not sure the difference? We’ll cover that, too. 

Discover your ✨magical✨ unique value proposition (UVP) that sets you apart from every other service provider. 

Define your brand voice and learn how to use it effectively for different situations and platforms. 

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Every great website starts with a strategy. In this module, you’ll use your newfound brand messaging clarity to craft a foolproof website copywriting plan. 



Learn how to collect stellar testimonials and social proof for your website. Complete with plug-and-play email templates, of course. 

Map out your site, set goals for each page, and draw up a user journey to take your prospects from curiosity to conversion. 

Create simple, stress-free website wireframes in Google Docs (no fancy, expensive software or tech skills required). 




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You, m’friend, are ready to write your website copy! 🎉 Crack open your Complete Website Copywriting Template in Google Docs, make a copy, and tune in to the 5-part video training that walks you through step-by-step, page-by-page. 


Transform your blog landing page into an interactive hub of information to keep your visitors engaged and craving more. 

Uplevel your contact page to answer questions, highlight crucial info, and close sales with a smile using my signature template. 

Use your homepage to pique interest and highlight the must-knows before showing visitors to your sales-focused pages. 

Leverage sales psychology to make your about page do a whole lot more than brag about your personal accomplishments. 

Craft a service page that wins people over before you ever answer an email or hop on a call. Multiple services? This framework is 100% repeatable. 

Ooh la la!

Go ahead: peek inside the curriculum 

And as an accountability bonus...

If you complete the course and finish your first draft of website copy within 30 days of enrolling, send it to me via the Complete Website Copywriting Template provided. I’ll record a custom 20-minute video audit and email it to you within 2 weeks. Why? Because I want you to finish this thing and feel good about it. Lessgo!

Value: $295

Writing for SEO: How to find effective keywords and write copy that gets your website picked up by search engines.

Value: $425

List building 101: How to create an irresistible opt-in offer + 20 lead magnet ideas and outlines you can totally swipe.

Value: $275

10+ brainstorming & website planning worksheets, checklists, and exercises to get you on the right track lickety-split.

Value: $350

The Complete Website Copywriting Template in an easy-to-edit, copy-paste Google Doc.

Plus, you’ll get instant access to…

The high-converting copy Erika wrote helped us get over 700 opt-ins in the first few weeks of our new course launch!

Erica and Travis Marr, The Ballroom Course 

“We have a ton of passion and expertise for our products and services but struggled to craft a captivating story geared toward our target customers. With expert-level organization, Erika quickly brought a ton of clarity and boldness to our brand. We are very picky about who we bring in to help us with projects, and we are very proud of the results with this one!” 

Erika’s expert copywriting made my website look and feel SO much more legitimate.

Hollis Rendleman, Interior Architect & Designer 

“After spending months attempting to write my own website copy, I reached out to Erika for help. I thought it would be a great jumpstart to finesse my ideas and hone in on a consistent tone—but it was so much more. I was in tears (the good kind!) reading the copy Erika wrote. The messaging was TOTALLY on point, spoke to my ideal client, and upped my professionalism by leaps and bounds. To prove it, I booked three big-ticket clients and sold out a workshop within five days of launching my website.”

I knew hiring a website copywriter was essential for connecting with my ideal clients—and Erika absolutely NAILED IT! 

Jenna Tracy, Wedding & Event Planner

“When Erika presented my copy, it was clear she went above and beyond to understand my business and skillfully craft a brand voice that feels 100% true to me AND my ideal clients. I launched my new website with complete confidence knowing that it tells the exact story I envisioned. Within a few days of launching, I received a new lead who said I have ‘exactly what she’s looking for.’ What can I say? Working with Erika was the best decision I made for my business! She’s thorough, helpful, responsive, so much fun to work with, and a wealth of knowledge.”

I looked at so many copywriters before making a decision. As soon as I found Erika, I knew she was the one. 

Laura Murray, Photographer and Founder of Spark & Bound

“I immediately brought her on to help with my copy for the launch of my new brand. Since it was new, I was struggling to figure out my messaging. In the matter of a few hours, Erika honed in on what was most important to deliver a clear and concise message to my customers. I highly recommend Erika and I will certainly be using her for future projects!”

After weeks of struggling to write my own website copy, it was a huge relief to put it in her capable hands. 

Jenna Renzo, Life & Business Coach

“While Erika worked her copywriting magic, I was free to focus on other important aspects of my business. And she hit the ball out of the park on the first draft, too—all while making the entire experience seamless and fun. Erika is a talented businesswoman with an amazing gift for writing copy that captures your vision and voice. Working with her exceeded all my expectations from beginning to end.”

Without a doubt, my website is booking more sales (without any extra work on my part).

Charlotte Henry, Interior Designer 

“Before bringing Erika on to write my copy, I was ashamed of my website. Now, thanks to Erika, I’m proud—excited, even—to send people to my website. It’s like she went into my head, extracted all the good ideas, and weaved them into a brand story that perfectly represents my business and my clients. She’s my new go-to resource for copywriting projects and I can’t recommend her enough!”

kind words

You get 14 days to tour Craft & Convert risk-free.

Poke your head in. Soak up all the knowledge in week 1. Put pen to paper. Swing by the charcuterie board. 

If you honestly don’t feel an inch closer to clarifying your brand voice within the first 14 days, email with proof that you watched the videos in modules 1 and 2 (this is tracked in the course platform), completed the worksheets, and created your brand messaging guidelines. If it all checks out, I’ll return every pretty penny. 

But you do have to show your work to be eligible for a refund! Why? Because I believe in this framework and I believe in YOU. With a little accountability from me, I trust you’ll be bounding (with joy) towards more confidence, more clarity, and more time to get back to the moments you live for.

The best part? 

Save $97 when you pay in full

$497 USD

A one-time payment of


$297 USD

Two monthly payments of


Everything you need to up your copy game and hit home with your ideal clients. 

Take your website copy from draft to "done" in 21 days with Craft & Convert.

I help service-based business owners and entrepreneurs (like you!) develop whip-smart brand voices and website copy that magnetizes clients and closes sales the easy way: from behind your computer, without sleazy “grey area” tactics. 

As a website strategist and copywriter, I’ve worked with big-name agency clients, global corporations, budding startups, and dozens of private clients. Time and again, I’ve seen the undeniable impact of clear messaging and clever copy. In fact, I attribute the success of my own business to nailing my messaging right out of the gate. 

Now? I’m handing over everything I’ve learned during my 10+ years as a copywriter to help you gain the confidence, recognition, and freedom you deserve. So even if you’re new to entrepreneurship, Craft & Convert will equip you with the knowledge and tools to create a brand and website you love. 

Hey, there! I’m Erika Fitzgerald

Meet your mentor

What if I’ve never written a single line of copy before? Is Craft & Convert going to work for me?

Let’s get your questions answered.

Still on the fence? 

It’s okay if you’re new to copywriting—we’ll cover the basics in the prep-work module. To make the most of C&C and complete your website copy in 21 days, you should already have a basic understanding of sales psychology, a business plan, and an offer you know people want. 

Umm, I’m really busy. How much time is this gonna take? 

I hear you! Running a business is a lot of work, right? When I started my business, I was still working 9–5 and struggled to find the energy to work on my own biz at night. 

That’s why I’ve designed C&C to make writing your website as quick and painless as possible with proven, strategies, step-by-step formulas, and plug-and-play templates. Everyone writes at different speeds. So, while I can’t say how long the actual work will take you, you can complete each module (videos, worksheets, etc.) in under 5 hours per week.  

I’m in a random industry. Will Craft & Convert still work for me?

If you offer professional services or digital products on your website (and you DO need a website in 2020), this course is for you. Here’s a sampling of students who are a good fit for C&C: 

• Accountants
• Astrologers
• Architects 
• Authors 
• Caterers 
• Coaches 
• Consultants
• Content writers 
• Course creators 

• Editors 
• Event planners 
• Financial advisors
• Graphic designers 
• Herbalists 
• Illustrators 
• Influencers 
• Interior designers
• Marketers 

• Nutritionists
• Online educators
• Personal chefs
• Photographers
• Publishers 
• Retreat organizers 
• Social media specialists 
• Speakers 
• Strategists 

• Stylists 
• Website designers 
• Wedding coordinators
• Wellness entrepreneurs 
• Videographers 
• Virtual assistants 
• ...and beyond

Can’t I just figure out how to write my website copy with freebies, blogs, and podcast notes? 

Sure, you could. Or you could skip the hassle of hacking your copy together like a pre-owned jigsaw puzzle (you know, the kind that’s probably missing a few pieces) and get the complete step-by-system—all in one place. Using the framework in Craft & Convert will save you loads of time, stress, and money (if you’re on the fence about hiring a copywriter). Not to mention, good copy increases sales—which equals more money earned for your business. 

What format is the content delivered in?

When you enroll, you’ll get your own login to the course portal (via Teachable). Inside, you’ll find training videos, printable slides, and downloadable worksheets, cheat sheets, and checklists. You’ll also get access to the Complete Website Copywriting Template via Google Docs.  

Do I need any specific programs or software to complete the course? 

All you need is a wi-fi connection, computer, and your cute self! You don’t need to buy any extra programs or software to complete the course—although, I use and recommend Google Docs (which is totally free with your Google account). 

I’ve bought other online courses and been disappointed. How’s yours going to benefit me?

Unlike other copywriting and marketing courses, Craft & Convert is laser-focused on helping independent small business owners craft their brand voice and convert more visitors through their website. 

Will the course help me if I don’t have a business website yet (but plan to soon)?

Hey, it’s 2020! You need a website m’friend. But it’s okay if you don’t have one yet. In fact, that’s awesome! You’re 110% in the right place because C&C is designed specifically to help you write your copy and get that site up lickity-split. 

What if I already have a successful business and my website is working fine?

The questions I recommend asking yourself are: Do you want to create a dazzling, one of a kind brand voice that makes people instantly think of you? Do you want to feel confident sharing your website URL at meetings/conferences/retreats/industry events? And do you want to make more sales through your site—so you can support your long-term biz goals? If yes, then Craft & Convert will totally help you out. 

 What kind of support will I get inside the course? Is there a private Facebook group? 

This is a self-study, self-paced online course—which means I’m handing over my knowledge and expertise to help you fast-track your DIY website copywriting. 

In regards to Facebook… I find it can be really distracting (which is why I don’t have an account anymore). While you often log in with productive intentions—cat memes and procrastination land are always a click away, amiright? This is why I’ve decided against hosting a private FB group for Craft & Convert. 

Instead, if you complete your first draft of website copy within 30 days of enrolling, you can email it to me with a list of priorities (e.g. pages and sections you’d love a second set of eyes on) and I’ll record a 20-minute review video just for you within 2 weeks. 

If you have tech issues, you can email and we’ll get you fixed up ASAP. 

I’m a little uncomfortable selling my services. What if my website copy comes off as overly salesy and, well, gross? 

My approach to website copywriting isn’t to teach you questionable “grey hat” sales tactics. Rather, I teach proven strategies that allow you to create an honest, feel-good framework for your copy. 

By getting to know your ideal clients—the people who can genuinely benefit from your services—you can crank up the volume on your value and create honest, mutually-beneficial connections. 

Let me ask you: What’s the cost of not selling your services? You’ll end up selling yourself short, along with your business and the people who need you the most. So get out there and be seen. You have lives to change for the better. 

How long do I have access to the course? 

Forever, forever, ever, forever, ever. Yup, that’s right. When you enroll in Craft & Convert today, you get lifetime access to the content. 🎉

I will say, the course won’t always be offered at this price point and will be updated with new strategies, templates, and advice (because the internet is always evolving, yo). But once you’re in, you’ll never pay another cent for these updates. You lucky duck, you. 

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees? 

Yup! With the 14-day happiness guarantee, you can test drive Craft & Convert completely risk-free for, you guessed it, 14 days! 

All I ask is that you give it an honest shot. If it doesn’t feel like the right fit, simply email me with proof that you watched the videos (this is tracked in the course platform) and did the work in week 1. If it all checks out, I’ll return every pretty penny. More on that up here. 

I have a different question! 🙋‍♀️

Gotcha! Reach out to and someone will be in touch with an answer for you within 2 business days. 

Visual wireframes for your entire website layout 

Website copy for your Home, About, Services, Blog Hub, and Contact pages 

A lead magnet to incentivize email opt-ins throughout your website 

A repeatable process to master your brand voice and website copy 

Reusable templates and lifetime access to revisit anytime 

Your written mission and vision statements 

A crystal clear unique value proposition (UVP) for your biz 

An ideal client profile so you know who you’re writing for

Written brand messaging guidelines for your business 

A list of targeted keywords for SEO 

A system for collecting stellar testimonials 


By completing the course, you’ll walk away with:

You have a website (or you’re planning to launch one in the next few months) and you’re excited to learn how to write conversion-focused website copy.

Your biz is in its early stages and you want to learn the ropes because A) you’re not ready to hire a website copywriter and B) your business is still evolving and you want to take ownership of your copy. 

You’ve been in business for a few years and your website is working okay but you know it could work better with a copy facelift.

You enjoy writing (for the most part) but website copywriting is a whole new ballgame. HALP! (Don’t worry, you’re in the right place.) 

You’re tired of throwing proverbial spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks—you’re ready for a proven step-by-step system to GET.IT.DONE. 👏

You’ll love C&C if...

Craft & Convert is perfect for service-based business owners who want to nail down their brand message and write their website copy.

And good copy? Well, your business depends on it. 

Let's cut right to the chase: If you’re looking for a “quick fix” or overnight success, this probably isn't the course for you. Because you will need to show up and do the work. 

If you do, I promise you’ll walk away with publish-ready pages of website copy—plus the skills to confidently update your website words again and again as your business evolves. Without wasting time. And without relying on a copywriter. 

How much is that worth to you? Because if you’re serious about this whole entrepreneurship thing, 21 days is not a big investment.

Maybe you're worried this won't work for you. I'm here to tell you it will.

If you’re still reading...

Save $97 when you pay in full

$497 USD

A one-time payment of


$297 USD

Two monthly payments of


you in?

And when they do? Magic happens ✨

Lives change. 

Legacies are born.

You get more sh*t done.

And finally, promoting your work feels like a total guilty pleasure.

Your brand voice & website words reach the people who need your expertise.

Remember, you don’t achieve industry-leader status and start making a sustainable living until...