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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm currently booked through 2022. If you'd like to work together, I'm booking new copywriting projects for January through March 2023. In the meantime, make sure to sign up for email updates and snag the free brand voice guide right here

Am I the right fit for your website strategy & copywriting package?

This service is perfect for entrepreneurs who offer digital products or services (or both!) through their website. If you’re ready to pull the plug on your old DIY website and hire a pro to make you sound (and feel) legit, this is for you. If you’re embarking on a rebrand or website redesign, this is also for you. 

To make the most of our time together, you should know your ideal client, understand basic sales psychology, and feel confident in your offers. In other words, you know people want your stuff—you just need some word wrangling to make your website copy sparkle and sell. 

What about your copywriting course? Should I enroll? 

I get it. Hiring a copywriter ain’t cheap. And, honestly, it’s not always the best investment when your business is in its first iteration. It takes time, trial, and error to find your niche and gain clarity about your audience and offers—and writing your own copy can be a great exercise during this process. 

That’s why I created Craft & Convert to teach new business owners how to write their own website copy in 21 days flat. When you enroll, you get instant lifetime access to my step-by-step website copywriting framework and customizable templates to get you on your way to a site that sells faster. 

I’m launching my website next week. Can you help with my copy? 

To quote björk, “possibly maybe.” While my one-on-one website copywriting services require 4–6 weeks to complete, my course gives you instant access to my step-by-step website copywriting system and customizable copy templates. 

The coursework typically takes 21 days to complete but it’s self-paced—so you can skip ahead to the sections you need ASAP and circle back to the rest anytime with your lifetime access. You can also find website copywriting tips on the blog. 

What if I need more copywriting support after our project concludes?

Businesses are always evolving, amiright? I gotchu. My website strategy & copywriting package includes 30 days of post-project email support for copy-related questions that come up during design and development. 

If you need more extensive revisions or updates down the road, I’m happy to put together a custom project proposal to cover everything you need. 

Do you ever work on a retainer, hourly, or per word basis? 

I love cultivating long-term relationships with my clients, which is why I offer retainer packages starting at $1,000/mo exclusively for former website copywriting clients. Packages can be customized to include ongoing content creation for emails, blogs, lead magnets, video scripts, and more. 

While I’ve tested hourly and per-word rates in the past—I find my clients enjoy the most flexibility and the best results when we collaborate through a per-project agreement.

Where do you draw the line? In other words, what *don’t* you do?

I specialize exclusively in website copywriting for businesses that sell services and digital products. While I do offer content writing retainer packages for former website copywriting clients, I don’t write one-off blog posts, social media captions, bios, billboards, flyers, print ads, wedding vows, or other miscellaneous pieces of copy. 

I’m also not a business coach, legal consultant, graphic designer, psychic, or licensed medical professional—which means I can’t magically fix a failing business, design or develop your website (but I’m happy to refer you to someone in my network who can), guarantee specific results, read your mind, or diagnose your chronic back pain. Ultimately, your success depends on a number of factors beyond my control. 

What exactly IS a copywriter, anyway? 

Not to be confused with someone who handles legal copyrights, a copywriter (with a “w”) is a professional writer who specializes in writing words that turn prospects into paying clients and customers. Or, in the words of Mr. Robert W. Bly, “a copywriter is a salesperson behind a keyboard.”

Some copywriters are generalists who will write anything for any business. Others (like me, hi 👋) are niche copywriters who specialize in a specific area, such as website copywriting for service-based businesses. 

Don’t see your question? Mosey back up to the form and I’ll be in touch with an answeR for you.