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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure am. You can find the latest booking status at the top of the application form. I typically book 1-3 months out for Brand Messaging & Website Copywriting services. If you need copy sooner, inquire about my Website Copy VIP Days and VIP Weeks

Am I the right fit for your website Messaging & copywriting package?

This service is perfect for established online businesses and entrepreneurs who offer services, courses, or products through their website. If you’re ready to pull the plug on your old DIY website and hire a pro, this is for you. If you’re embarking on a rebrand or website redesign, this is also for you. 

To make the most of our time together, you should have a clear understanding of your ideal client, your offers, and sales goals. In other words, you know people want your stuff. You just need a pro conversion copywriter to guide them to say "yes." 

What about your copywriting course? Should I enroll? 

I get it – hiring a copywriter is an investment. And it's not always the best investment when you're still learning the ins and outs of business. It takes time, trial, and error to find your niche and gain clarity about your audience and offers. Writing your own copy can be a great exercise during this process. 

That’s why I'm creating a website copywriting course for new and emerging business owners. Because I believe you have what it takes to be your own best copywriter. You just need the right process, frameworks, and formulas. The beta course launch is expected Spring 2024. Join the waitlist here. 

I’m launching my website next week. Can you help with my copy? 

What if I need more copywriting support after our project concludes?

Businesses are always evolving, right? I've got your back. The Brand Messaging & Website Copywriting package includes 30 days of post-project email support for copy-related questions that come up during design implementation. 

If you need more extensive revisions or updates down the road, I offer a Website Copy Audit. This includes page-by-page recommendations to optimize your website copy for SEO and conversions. 

Do you work on a retainer, hourly, or per word basis? 

I work exclusively on a per-project basis. As a former Fortune 50 project manager, I believe a consistent process provides a container for creative work that delivers results. I've developed a signature process and website copy deliverables to meet client goals and timelines. Each step builds on the previous one to deliver the best results possible.

Clients enjoy the most flexibility and the best results when we collaborate through a per-project agreement. 

Can you write my email sequence, sales page, or blog content?

I specialize exclusively in website copywriting for service providers and creative entrepreneurs. I leave the emails, launch copy, and long-form content writing to writers who specialize in those niches. 

What exactly IS a copywriter, anyway? 

Not to be confused with someone who handles legal copyrights, a copywriter (with a “w”) is a professional writer who specializes in writing words that turn prospects into paying clients and customers. Or, in the words of Mr. Robert W. Bly, “a copywriter is a salesperson behind a keyboard.”

Some copywriters are generalists who will write anything for any business. Others (like me, hi 👋) are niche copywriters who specialize in a specific area, such as website copywriting for service-based businesses. 

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