WFH website copywriter, strategist, and mentor.

I’m Erika— need good copy. 

With an elixir of strategy and storytelling, I help digital-savvy entrepreneurs (like you) ignite the spark that gathers their people ‘round the campfire. 

Because with over 200 million active websites on the internet today, it takes more than good design alone to stand apart and connect with people.

To hook your audience from page one, earn a living, and impact lives doing what you love... 

But you’re also a nice human and writing about yourself can feel like plucking eyebrow hairs, right? Good news: self-promotion doesn’t have to be painful. 

When you find your voice and lead from a place of value-driven service, you attract the people who need (and adore) what you offer. You create honest connections and change lives for the better.

I help turn your greatest ideas into copy that fires you up to share your website with the world—so you can sell without feeling sleazy.

As an industry-known service provider, educator, or change-maker.

You’re here to make your mark

I’m here to empower you with website copywriting services & education that translate into more confidence, more income, and more freedom.

Whether you started your business yesterday or years ago:

Fast-forward a few years. I came to the screeching-halt deer-in-the-headlights realization that I could help these business owners and entrepreneurs hone their messages and share their value with their ideal audiences. 

and suddenly it hit me: there were countless small businesses trying to ignite positive change in the world. but they weren't leveraging their stories to stand out and sell.

But I didn’t just waltz into business, throw up a website, and immediately start making those “easy” internet dollars everyone talks about.

I earned my stripes as an English & Creative Writing grad working for global agencies and corporations for nearly 10 years. As a type-A creative split between art and analysis, I fit right into the marketing world.

There was just one problem: Too often, people and creativity took a backseat to profit and politics. And if you ask me, true success happens with people at the heart of business.

Deflated by corporate limitations, I built my first website as a creative outlet in 2014. And I was hooked. My “just for fun” website quickly grew and became the catalyst for a new adventure.

It started when I saw an opportunity to help
do-good visionaries and creators get their messages out into the world.

How’d I get wrapped up in this copywriting business, you ask?


Now, I find joy in helping creatives, creators, and startup founders get their extraordinary ideas out into the world with clever messaging—so they can find more freedom, fulfillment, and joy in their work. Because no one should feel trapped inside their business. 

Which, for a kid who grew up devouring R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps by flashlight and splurging at the Scholastic Book Fairs, is pretty much a dream come true. 

One at a time, the most brilliant and inspiring clients stepped into my inbox and rekindled my love of writing. I became obsessed with seeing the difference thoughtful copy could make for each small business. A well-crafted headline, a clear call to action... and BAM. Leads were lining up FOR MY CLIENTS.  

Before I knew it, I was growing an online business from around the world (literally: I spent a year traveling from London to Seoul with nine stops in between). An experience that taught me how to be relentlessly driven, flexible, and focused (even in a crowded airport). And just like that, I saw copywriting in a new light.

Say it simply, do it well

Keep cool and be kind

Think big, take action

Tell good tales

Have fun and encourage others

Get out there

The Core Values

Some rules are meant to be broken… but we never break these Around here:

Writing in my studio, reheating my pour-over coffee for the
fifth time today, exploring the Cascades 

Find me: 

 Ubud, Bali
Tokyo, Japan

Top 3 favorite places:

Maldives, Portugal, The Northern Lights

dreaming of:

Been to:


19 countries


Traveling around the world for a year, starting this business, moving to Bend, Oregon sight-unseen

Best decisions I’ve ever made:

Hummus (you bet it’s a condiment)

Favorite condiment:

Old Fashioned. TWO cherries.

Drink of choice:

sunflowers or peonies

In my vase:


Billie Holiday, alt-rock, or anything 80s

On my record player:

My 10-year-old fiddle  leaf fig tree

Most prized possession:


living in: 

Santa Cruz, California

Born in: 

star sign:



words of affirmation

love language:



Up for a round of trivia? Pull up a chair. I’ll grab two pints.

Down-to-earth creatives and creators who put values before profits  

The ones who believe that everybody can—and should—make a positive difference in the world

People who agree pronouns matter and everyone deserves a seat at the table

The straight-A students who skipped class to get tickets to the premiere of Star Wars

The bookworms who call a trip to their local library a “wild Friday night out”

The rebels and rule-breakers who opt to do things their own way

my people are:

I’m a website copywriter with an affinity for strategy and stories. I’m also an entrepreneur and I get it—you need a website that sounds good and converts. 

Writing about yourself doesn’t have to be hard. I'll show you how to make it easy like slipping into your favorite pair of well-loved jeans.

You’re an entrepreneur with something amazing to say, do, or sell.

Here’s the gist:

Scroll the resource library for copywriting & business tips.


Get step-by-step guidance to DIY your website copy.


Order up custom website copy—written by me, for your biz.


Tell me, are you...

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