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Website copywriting that fills your inbox with legit leads & payment notifications.

(The short answer: YES. Really, truly.) 

“Can a copywriter really, truly find the right words to rescue my website from irrelevance… and sound like me, too?” 

You’ve heard that copy turns website visitors into high-paying clients. But still, you wonder: 

For digital entrepreneurs & service-based business owners:

Words are a dime a dozen. But strategic, client-focused website copy? It can take your brand from unknown to industry go-to.

...hire a pro to write your website copy.

Position you as an expert, authority, and fully-booked pro with a waitlist

Magnetize your ideal clients—the ones ready to book you sight unseen, who pay on time, and share glowing testimonials 

Give you the confidence to embrace your greatest potential, charge your worth, and feel damn good about it

When you’re ready for your website words to...

Maybe you’ve tried writing your website. You downloaded all the templates and saved them to your desktop “for future reference.”

Or you bought an online course that’s been collecting dust in your bookmarks folder for months.

But for business owners, time is money—and if you’re completely honest, copywriting isn’t in your zone of genius.

Sound familiar? It's time to say goodbye to command + Z and…

You don’t have the time (or desire) to write your own website copy.

There’s just one problem: 

Get your brand voice defined and your entire website written for conversion and SEO.

So you can attract revenue-generating traffic, loyal brand advocates, and primed-to-pay subscribers.

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The Website Strategy & Copywriting Package 

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Crack open your brand questionnaire, which walks you through the details and data needed for a successful collaboration. From there, we’ll hit the ground running with a 60-minute Zoom strategy session. Bring all the creativity and Type-A ambition that led you here.



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I sink my teeth into your industry—surveying the competitive landscape, reading between the lines of testimonials and reviews, and getting to know the people you want to attract to a T—and use my findings to craft your custom brand messaging guidelines.



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The user-experience of your website is impacted by more than words. This is where I translate research into a comprehensive website strategy using Google Docs to outline the user-journey. Think of it like a blueprint of your site. You’ll receive a video presentation before we move on.



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Once I receive your suggestions and go-ahead on the outline, I’ll write the copy for your entire website (up to 1,200 words per site page). Pages typically include Home, About, Services, Contact, and a Landing Page but can be customized for your business.





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I send the first draft of your website copy with a video walkthrough explaining my decisions. Using Google Docs to collaborate, we’ll work through two rounds of revisions until your copy reaches “OMG you f*ck!ng nailed it” status (← actual client words). 





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Revisions complete, I proofread with a fine-tooth comb and hand over the goods—but not before our 30-minute handoff call, where you can get all the As to your Qs. Website copywriting projects also include 15 days of post-handoff email support for details that come up during design.





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Everything you need to land your website in their bookmarks folder:

What’s included & how IT WORKS

Complete the application below to get started. I’ll be in touch within 3 business days to recommend the right solution for your business.

Ready to take your website from unknown to unstoppable?

Customize your project with popular add-ons, including: additional website pages, long-form sales pages, lead magnet content, email sequences, and video scripts. Custom quotes available. 

Need something extra?

Starting at $6,750 USD


4–6 weeks


...all written in easy-to-edit Google Docs and transferred to you instantly via Google Drive. 

Custom copy for five website pages, including user-flow considerations, conversion strategy, scroll-stopping headlines, click-worthy calls-to-action, and more.

Written brand messaging guidelines with your mission & vision statements, core values, professional bio, voice attributes, and other notes to keep your writing on-brand now and forever.

A list of SEO keywords based on your industry, including title tags, meta descriptions, and optimization throughout your website copy.

When our collaboration concludes, you'll walk away with:

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With a background in project management, brand marketing, and copywriting for brands like Samsung, Mindbody, and DocuSign I’ve seen behind the scenes of successful businesses. Now, I wield my words to empower up-and-coming businesses in their quest for creative freedom and brand recognition. 

My words have helped industry leaders like top-ranking podcast host Julie Solomon, globally-recognized wedding photographer Laura Murray, and award-winning ballroom dancer Erica Marie Marr get great results like:

31,000+ new email subscribers from a single landing page  

Launch copy resulting in a sold out pilot coaching program

Over 700 new leads within three weeks of a website launch

2,300+ paid product opt-ins during the first week launch 

Emails resulting in consistently above average open rates
and click-throughs

Increased bookings from strategic, value-focused website copy
that speaks to the right audience 

Head-turning PR that led to a startup acquisition by WeWork

And writing copy that puts purpose-driven businesses on the map is my jam.

BTW, I’m Erika—

The high-converting copy Erika wrote helped us get over 700 opt-ins in the first few weeks of our new course launch!

Erica and Travis Marr, The Ballroom Course 

“We have a ton of passion and expertise for our products and services but struggled to craft a captivating story geared toward our target customers. With expert-level organization, Erika quickly brought a ton of clarity and boldness to our brand. We are very picky about who we bring in to help us with projects, and we are very proud of the results with this one!” 

Erika’s expert copywriting made my website look and feel SO much more legitimate.

Hollis Rendleman, Interior Architect & Designer 

“After spending months attempting to write my own website copy, I reached out to Erika for help. I thought it would be a great jumpstart to finesse my ideas and hone in on a consistent tone—but it was so much more. I was in tears (the good kind!) reading the copy Erika wrote. The messaging was TOTALLY on point, spoke to my ideal client, and upped my professionalism by leaps and bounds. To prove it, I booked three big-ticket clients and sold out a workshop within five days of launching my website.”

I knew hiring a website copywriter was essential for connecting with my ideal clients—and Erika absolutely NAILED IT! 

Jenna Tracy, Wedding & Event Planner

“When Erika presented my copy, it was clear she went above and beyond to understand my business and skillfully craft a brand voice that feels 100% true to me AND my ideal clients. I launched my new website with complete confidence knowing that it tells the exact story I envisioned. Within a few days of launching, I received a new lead who said I have ‘exactly what she’s looking for.’ What can I say? Working with Erika was the best decision I made for my business! She’s thorough, helpful, responsive, so much fun to work with, and a wealth of knowledge.”

I looked at so many copywriters before making a decision. As soon as I found Erika, I knew she was the one. 

Laura Murray, Photographer and Founder of Spark & Bound

“I immediately brought her on to help with my copy for the launch of my new brand. Since it was new, I was struggling to figure out my messaging. In the matter of a few hours, Erika honed in on what was most important to deliver a clear and concise message to my customers. I highly recommend Erika and I will certainly be using her for future projects!”

After weeks of struggling to write my own website copy, it was a huge relief to put it in her capable hands. 

Jenna Renzo, Life & Business Coach

“While Erika worked her copywriting magic, I was free to focus on other important aspects of my business. And she hit the ball out of the park on the first draft, too—all while making the entire experience seamless and fun. Erika is a talented businesswoman with an amazing gift for writing copy that captures your vision and voice. Working with her exceeded all my expectations from beginning to end.”

Without a doubt, my website is booking more sales (without any extra work on my part).

Charlotte Henry, Interior Designer 

“Before bringing Erika on to write my copy, I was ashamed of my website. Now, thanks to Erika, I’m proud—excited, even—to send people to my website. It’s like she went into my head, extracted all the good ideas, and weaved them into a brand story that perfectly represents my business and my clients. She’s my new go-to resource for copywriting projects and I can’t recommend her enough!”

kind words

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What’s up with the 4–6 week process? Can I get expedited delivery? 

Perhaps you still have some questions...

fancy seeing you down here

Some copywriters will write your entire website in two weeks or less. BUT a website is a long-term investment in your business, which is why I schedule 4–6 weeks to do my homework to A+ standards and hook you up with words that’ll fit for years. To do this, I deep-dive into your industry and develop a sound strategy before I write your copy. Because when your website is grounded in research and strategy, your words work—which translates to a higher ROI. 

Because of the meticulous prep-work I put into each project, most of my clients enjoy finishing ahead of schedule with minimal revisions needed. However, I still schedule 4–6 weeks to do things right and well. After all, in the grand scheme of things… what’s a few extra weeks? Trust me when I say it’ll be worth the wait 😉 

I have like five tabs open—with five similar website copywriting packages. Why should I choose yours? 

Voice & Vibe: Ideally, you want to hire a copywriter whose voice feels similar to your own when you visit their website and read their work. Are you soft spoken and supportive? Direct and to the point? Brazen and bold? Known for your knee-slapping jokes? A skilled copywriter will adapt their writing style to suit your brand—but you also can’t expect a blueberry to turn into a pear (unless maybe it’s GMO… and no one wants that). Find a copywriter who shares a majority of your sensibilities. 

Experience: Has this copywriter been at it for years—or did they just launch their first Squarespace site yesterday? Do they have dozens of glowing testimonials—or one from their distant second cousin? Look for social proof and credibility in the form of testimonials, media mentions, client results, portfolio pieces, and industry experience. 

Process: You found someone with great experience whose voice aligns perfectly with yours, yay! Before you sign an agreement, make sure you understand (and feel comfortable) with their work style. Do they communicate only through email? Phone calls? Face to face? Do they bill by the hour or per project? How often they expect your input? A professional copywriter will be able to clearly explain their process. 

The short answer? Because you like me. “But wait, what the heck does that mean?!” 

Okay, okay. As you’re stalking around the internet looking at different copywriters, consider these three factors:

Sooo, what’s your voice, experience, and process like?

Generally speaking, my copywriting style is conversational and casual with a focus on clarity and concision—but I love a tasteful dash of humor, too. 

Before launching this business full-time in January 2018, I cut my teeth in the agency world managing multi-million dollar projects for Samsung (which is where I honed my Type-A organizational skills). Later, I wrote marketing copy for Samsung and global fit-tech company Mindbody.

You can read more about my process up here, which clients describe as “the most organized they’ve ever experienced” and “almost too easy!”

Can you work directly with my web designer? 

Copy informs design. What I’ll do is visually map out your website pages in Google Docs, making sure you see where headlines, subheadlines, columns, and call-to-action buttons go. Each page will have a goal and a destination. For example, if the goal of your service page is to convince visitors to book a consult call, then the copy will drive towards your call booking page. 

Once we hash out your sitemap, ideal visitor journeys, and copy flow—I’m happy to communicate directly with your web designer (so you can skip out on playing middleman). 

How do I know if now is the right time to hire a website copywriter? 

Been in business for 1+ years and still cringe every time someone asks, “Do you have a website?” because deep down inside, you loathe the copy you hacked together between reruns of Seinfeld and trips to the snack cabinet. 

Reached a point in your business where you have the funds to invest in the rebrand of your dreams, starting with brand spankin’ new website copy. Because, you know, copy always comes first.  

Been collecting loads of ideas—in Google Docs, on Post-Its, with lipstick on your bathroom mirror—and need someone to help reel things in and sort out which ideas are the right fit for your business and audience… before your office starts to look like Jack’s desk in The Shining. 

It may be time to hire a website copywriter if you’ve:

Isn’t it more “authentic” if I write everything myself? 

I’m going to let you in on a secret: Almost every successful entrepreneur, industry leader, influential person, and public figure has at least one writer working behind the scenes to make them sound bloody brilliant. 

Do you hire someone to cut your hair? Wax your brows? Design your business cards? Similarly, a copywriter is a service provider who lends their expertise to help you look and feel your best. 

How do I pay? And do you have a refund policy? 

At the start of our project, you’ll get a welcome email with your invoice divided into two payments. The first payment is due before we start to secure your spot on my calendar. The second payment is due upon project completion and gives me the green light to transfer ownership and copyrights to you. 

You can easily pay online with an e-check or any major credit card—processing fees on me. Plus, you’ll get automated reminders the day before each payment is due. Easy peasy! 

Due to the nature of custom services, all payments are non-refundable once project work begins. 

I’m a little uncomfortable selling my services. What if my website copy comes off as overly salesy and, well, gross? 

My approach to website copywriting isn’t to trick people into hiring you. Rather, I get to know your ideal clients on a first name basis so that I can speak their language when I write your copy. This allows me to find the middle ground between your voice and theirs, crank up the volume on your value, and connect you with the people who will genuinely benefit from what you’ve got to offer. 

Let me ask you: What’s the cost of not selling your services? You’ll end up selling yourself short, along with your business and the people who need you the most. So get out there and be seen. You have lives to change for the better. 

Also, um… what IS a copywriter, exactly?  

Some copywriters are generalists who will write anything for any business—Facebook ads, marketing emails, commercial scripts, billboards, event flyers, you name it! 

Others (like me, hi 👋) are niche copywriters who specialize in a specific area. I specialize exclusively in website copywriting for online entrepreneurs and service-based businesses, for example. 

Copywriting is always a collaboration that requires you to communicate goals, ideas, and feedback clearly and honestly. Help your copywriter help you! 

person who issues copyrights©

psychic who can read your mind

superhuman who can magically “fix” all your business problems

snake oil salesman who will convince people to buy something that adds zero value to their lives 

A copywriter is NOT a... 

professional writer who specializes in writing words that help businesses turn prospects into paying clients and customers 

person who blends creativity and sales psychology to write highly-targeted brand messaging that sells 

“salesperson behind a keyboard.” —Robert W. Bly, The Copywriter’s Handbook 

Great question. A copywriter (with a “w”) is a…

A 4–6 week one-on-one collaboration designed for digital entrepreneurs & service-based business owners. Includes:

→ Brand questionnaire and research
→ 60-minute planning session via Zoom
→ Custom brand messaging guidelines 
→ List of 10–15 targeted SEO keywords
→ Strategy & copywriting for up to 5 website pages
→ Two rounds of revisions
→ 30-minute handoff call
→ Final files delivered via Google Drive
→ 15 days of post-handoff email support

The Website Strategy & Copywriting Package 

Looking for the TL;DR version?

Starting at

You in?

$6,750 USD

Custom proposals and payment plans available.

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