Every business exists to solve a problem.

Mine is to gently combat noisy marketing and success stereotypes by surfacing the stories that matter.

Like many ambitious college graduates, I followed suit to the corporate marketing world—English degree in one hand, lofty dreams of becoming a professional writer in the other.

I soon found myself working a high-profile agency gig, managing multi-million dollar projects while managing crippling anxiety with medication.

I worked my butt off but struggled to get ahead in a world where success is measured narrowly in terms of profits and titles, hustle supersedes heart, and ethics are more like guidelines.

Seeing the efforts of talented creatives squandered by twice removed executives, I thought to myself, “there must be another—a better—way to live a creative life.

I shut the badge-access-only door on corporate life because I believe in the other way: the power of sincere storytelling and honest connection. That, in a highly-curated and cluttered digital world, authenticity shines.

You can lead a creative life from the heart. I help you put the heart of your story into words that work.

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.”

Brené Brown

Curious to know the story of how I landed here?


Erika Fitzgerald copywriter copywriting for creatives entrepreneursA true INFJ, I’m known to obsess over turning little details into big-picture solutions.

I was born in Santa Cruz, California where I grew up reading books, traversing tidepools, and roaming through redwoods.

When I was 14, my parents traded the sounds of rolling waves for mooing cows in Templeton—a rural three-exit ellipsis on the 101 between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

As the new kid in a small town, I found comfort in frayed notebooks, AP English, and quiet observation. In college, I changed my major from microbiology to psychology to English.

Along the way, I found my zone of genius nestled between creative writing and psychology. The place where story meets science. An adept observer, I leaned into my strength as a storyteller.

I found fascination in finding out why people do what they do, what makes them take action, and how they interact with the world.

After college, I tripped into an opportunity writing copy for a tech startup. Until then, the only copyrighting on my radar was the boring legal kind (with an “r”). But there was one thing I knew for certain: I wanted to be a writer. As it turns out, copywriting (with a “w”) blends creativity and psychology. Story and strategy. 

I melted into a decade of agency and corporate copywriting, working with reputable brands like Samsung, Titleist, Jamba Juice, and Mindbody. But between extravagant work parties and weekend deadlines, something felt vacant. My words weren’t making a sincere impact.

In search of creative fulfillment, I spent evenings scribing copy for creative entrepreneurs and startup creators. And I realized something: these creatives and creators were so busy in their own zones of genius, they didn’t have the time or desire to write the words that sell. They needed someone with a fresh perspective and marketing expertise to bring their stories to life.

In 2017, I went all in. I filed an LLC, booked a one-way flight to London, and said “see ya” to corporate. Six months later, I packed my life into an 80-liter backpack and took my copywriting business on the road. Now I live and work from cities around the world, serving clients from America to Australia. 

I believe clear communication can help you achieve anything. 

Whether you dream of traveling the world or working from home in stretchy pants, your words can help you get there. When you make your value clear and your message approachable, the right people notice. They become the followers, fans, and buyers your business needs to flourish. 

The work I do is guided by an unwavering belief in the power of creativity and communication. My mission is to write the stories that put creativity before corporate and empower you to live a creative life on your own terms.


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