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35 Persuasive Words and Phrases to Use in Your Copy

  1. Super useful guide to engaging terminology. Admittedly, I can probably pull back on using “innovative” and “passionate.” It’s not that I have a problem backing up this verbiage but rather the frequency and how much it pops up throughout my copy. Thanks!

    • Erika Fitzgerald says:

      Yay, happy to help! An occasional “innovative” or “passionate” never hurts – but switching up the verbiage in any copy is a great way to keep readers engaged.

  2. da-AL says:

    This is quite helpful – thank you! I would be thrilled if you’d write a guest blog post for my site, which is for writers. If you think it might be fun or helpful to have my followers (who total about 10k across my various social media) meet you, here’s the link for general guidelines: – best, da-AL

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