35 Basic Phrases You Can Use in Your Copy

With so much content on the internet, many people—myself included—struggle to feel seen and heard.

We’re afraid of being ordinary.

We’re afraid of blending in.

We’re afraid of missing out.

We’re afraid of falling behind.

We’re afraid of losing followers.

We’re afraid of being boring.

This list goes on but I think we can all agree fear is counterproductive to happiness. Fear often leads us to overthink and overstretch. To twist ourselves into shapes that don’t feel quite right because of that desire to stand out.

When fear manifests itself in our writing, we end up with words that don’t feel entirely like our own. Words that feel a little foreign and awkward, like wearing a hot pink wool sweater to the gym. This becomes problematic because when you lack confidence and connection within your writing, your readers will feel it too.

As a writer, I read a lot—of emails, blogs, websites, sales letters, transcripts, and books. It’s always noticeable when the writer is trying too hard to be unique or mimicking someone else’s voice. But…

…just because someone who’s seen great success throws the occasional F-bomb in their copy doesn’t mean you should.

…just because someone with 500,000 Instagram followers addresses their reader as “hey lovelies” doesn’t mean you should.

…just because someone who claims to have a 6-figure business uses the phrase “GET AFTER IT!” for every call-to-action doesn’t mean you should.

Rather, you should write like *you* speak and make it easy for your readers to follow along—even if it means sometimes using basic phrases that everyone uses. In fact, many of these phrases make frequent appearances for a reason: they communicate clearly and engage eyeballs.

If you walk away from this article with one big “ah-ha!” moment, let it be this: concise writing that clearly communicates what you want your reader to know makes the biggest impact.

You don’t need to force or fake your writing style. You don’t need a huge vocabulary or perfect grammar. You just need to tap into your own voice and set a clear goal for your copy. Simplicity is the most captivating writing style.

In the words of Stephen King: “One of the really bad things you can do to your writing is to dress up the vocabulary, looking for long words because you’re maybe a little bit ashamed of your short ones … Make yourself a solemn promise right now that you’ll never use ‘emolument’ when you mean ‘tip.’” ―Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Mr. King is talking about fiction writing but his advice holds true for copywriting. So before you whip out the thesaurus, consider using one of these 35 tried-and-true copywriting words that work to sell your anything. 

copywriting words that convert

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The top 5 most persuasive English words:

     01. You

     02. Free

     03. Because

     04. Instantly

     05. New

Encouraging calls to action:

     06. Join now, Buy now, Enroll now

     07. Get instant access

     08. Become a member

Phrases to ease anxiety:

     09. 100% satisfaction guarantee

     10. Best-selling

     11. Endorsed by

     12. No questions asked

     13. Results

     14. 30-day money-back

     15. Easy

Words that prompt engagement:

     16. Tell me

     17. Discover

     18. Secret

     19. Create

     20. Share

Words that create a sense of urgency:

     21. Limited offer

     22. Only a few spots left

     23. Hurry

     24. Get in before anybody else

     25. Exclusive

     26. Doors close at midnight

     27. Today only

Power words that pique people’s interest:

     28. Introducing

     29. Bonus

     30. Immediately

     31. Imagine if

     32. Learn more

     33. Save time

     34. Special

     35. Magic

You’ll see variations of these words pop up in sales copy all the time because they work to: grab interest, establish trust, spark engagement, create a sense of community, prompt action.

I hope this list inspires you to imagine new ways to use these trusty old words. Mix ‘em up, rearrange ‘em, pair ‘em with your own phrases—go crazy. But not too crazy. Remember: clarity is key.

Now leave a comment and tell me: what words do you frequently use in your copy and why?

copywriting words that convert

Want to pack these phrases to-go?

Download the complete list, plus get 10 totally overused buzzwords to hit "delete" on immediately.

copywriting words that convert
copywriting words that convert erika fitzgerald copywriter

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